Solar Cooking 101

All too often, people who find themselves in emergency situations realize that they may have food to last them for several days, but they have absolutely no way to cook their food without power. Emergency situations often include a loss of power for some period of time, and if you don’t have a backup method of cooking your food, you’re going to have to do a lot of raw eating. There are [...]

DIY Tree Pruning


Did you know that in most parts of the U.S., right now (late winter and into early spring) is a good time to get the pruning scissors out and trim those fruit trees you’ve got growing? If you’ve hesitated to tackle the tree pruning before, today we offer some basics of tree trimming to help you get your fruit trees in their best, most fruitful condition.
Why is Fruit-Tree Pruning Important?
Pruning your fruit [...]

New Emergency Prep Store Opens in Oklahoma City, Offers Legacy Food Storage to Tornado-Prone Region

Homestand Preparation Station Enables Oklahomans to More Easily Stock Storm Shelters with Emergency Supplies; First Brick-And-Mortar Store to Feature Legacy
OKLAHOMA CITY—March 19, 2014—Legacy Food Storage, a Utah-based manufacturer of emergency food storage and other essentials, is teaming up with a new emergency preparation store in Oklahoma City, Homestand Preparation Station, to make it easier for those in this tornado-prone region to stock their homes and storm shelters with food, water and other items critical during – and after – a [...]

Why You Should Be Storing Gluten-free Food Storage

More and more these days, gluten-free options are popping up on fast food menus, the baking aisle at the grocery store, and most home pantries, but, unfortunately, the food storage world has been a little slow in adapting its offerings to meet the needs of a growing number of people. Legacy Premium is one of the only companies in the industry to offer such a wide variety of gluten-free food storage options. [...]

New FDA “No MSG” Guidelines

We received the following statement from Legacy Food Storage CEO Phil Cox, please let us know if there are any questions that we can answer for you! -
Per FDA, Legacy Removes ‘No MSG’ Labels from Popular Meals
With many consumers identifying themselves as sensitive to MSG, Legacy Food Storage makes every effort to keep this common additive out of its foods and will never use MSG as an ingredient. However, new standards from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now require [...]

7 Ways to Stay Warm Without Touching the Thermostat

T.S. Eliot said that April is the cruellest month, but he was wrong. February is surely the champion of cruel months. From the dirty snow that’s been heaped along the sidewalks since November’s first storm to the grey skies that make it seem like evening all day long, February, in my opinion, is winter outstaying its welcome, and even though it’s the shortest month of the year, it usually feels interminable. Worst [...]

Preparing the Family for 2014: Five Essentials for the Inevitable Emergency

Family-PreparednessBy Phil Cox, CEO, Legacy Food Storage
From food shortages and natural disasters to political unrest and economic uncertainty, the world is not a predictable place. A National Geographic Channel survey conducted in 2012 found that even though 64 percent of Americans surveyed thought the U.S. would experience a significant earthquake or other major emergency state within the next 25 years, a staggering 25 percent said they have done nothing to prepare for [...]

Winter Storm Tips

Cold weather is upon us and winter weather can fluctuate as the season progresses.  Winter storms can range from a beautiful snow dusting to blinding, ice covered streets with freezing rain and large drifts of snow that can last for several days.  Two of the main concerns with winter weather are dangerous driving conditions and loss of electrical power to homes.
If you are in, or plan to be in an area of [...]

Great Emergency Gifts for the Holidays

In today’s society, our food and supplies come from all over the world. Because the stores always seem full, it is hard to imagine a real food shortage happening. If our intricate food system, so reliant on computers, should be disrupted, a food shortage is a real scenario we all should be planning for. Today, people are increasing their own personal preparedness for climatic, economic and everyday [...]

Ready for Anything: Mental Preparedness

Being mentally prepared for emergencies is not something we talk about very often when we discuss disaster preparedness, but it may be the most important survival skill of all. Physical preparedness (having food and water stored, etc) will keep you nourished, but psychological preparedness is what will help you survive.
Sometimes we hear stories of people who have lived through drastic survival situations—the most dramatic example that comes to my mind is Aron Ralston, who cut off his own arm to [...]