Eight Protein Sources to Help Sustain Energy During an Emergency

- Guest Contributor Phil Cox -
When unprepared for a disaster – whether natural, financial or otherwise, emergency food ends up being whatever is on hand such as dried mac & cheese, crackers or bottles of energy drinks. But during – and in the after math of – the situation, it’s important to have a stash of food that can deliver sustained energy.
Ensuring you have enough protein in your diet can go a long way toward sufficiently fueling your stamina, especially [...]

Ebola Scare Results in Rush On Emergency Food and Supplies

Ebola Scare Results in Rush On Emergency Food and Supplies
Legacy Food Storage, Others See 300 Percent Increase in Demand; Offers Five Tips to Help Prepare For Any Emergency
Consumers are stocking up on food and other emergency supplies due to concerns about a potential Ebola outbreak in the United States. In the last three weeks, Legacy Food Storage has seen a 300 percent increase in demand over the same three-week period last year – and the company isn’t alone.
“The demand for food, water, fuel and [...]

4 Ways to Prepare for Hurricane Season Before It’s Too Late

Prepared Concept Chalk Drawing
In support of the Red Cross’s official National Hurricane Preparedness Week, Legacy CEO Phil Cox offers the following tips for how to prepare for hurricanes right now. 
Weather experts predict that this year U.S. states along the Atlantic will experience only two hurricanes, another “below average” season like last year’s. How strong they will be and how much damage they will create, however, is still up for debate. While it is [...]

How to Find Edible Plants in the Wild

Picture this: You have found yourself in a survival-type situation. Luckily, you were well prepared with emergency food, water, and supplies when the survival situation first began, but it has been several months, and your food supply is running low. It’s time to turn to nature for some added sustenance. You walk outside and look around you. There is enough plant life outside to feed everyone, but how do you know which [...]

The Ten Rules of Emergency Food Storage

If you are in the process of putting away food storage to prepare for emergencies, chances are at some point in the process, you have or are going to feel overwhelmed by the task before you. Planning for unknown circumstances is always a challenge, and to top it off, there is a variety of (often conflicting) information in the food storage world about what and how to store your emergency food. Before [...]

Solar Cooking 101

All too often, people who find themselves in emergency situations realize that they may have food to last them for several days, but they have absolutely no way to cook their food without power. Emergency situations often include a loss of power for some period of time, and if you don’t have a backup method of cooking your food, you’re going to have to do a lot of raw eating. There are [...]

DIY Tree Pruning


Did you know that in most parts of the U.S., right now (late winter and into early spring) is a good time to get the pruning scissors out and trim those fruit trees you’ve got growing? If you’ve hesitated to tackle the tree pruning before, today we offer some basics of tree trimming to help you get your fruit trees in their best, most fruitful condition.
Why is Fruit-Tree Pruning Important?
Pruning your fruit [...]

New Emergency Prep Store Opens in Oklahoma City, Offers Legacy Food Storage to Tornado-Prone Region

Homestand Preparation Station Enables Oklahomans to More Easily Stock Storm Shelters with Emergency Supplies; First Brick-And-Mortar Store to Feature Legacy
OKLAHOMA CITY—March 19, 2014—Legacy Food Storage, a Utah-based manufacturer of emergency food storage and other essentials, is teaming up with a new emergency preparation store in Oklahoma City, Homestand Preparation Station, to make it easier for those in this tornado-prone region to stock their homes and storm shelters with food, water and other items critical during – and after – a [...]

Why You Should Be Storing Gluten-free Food Storage

More and more these days, gluten-free options are popping up on fast food menus, the baking aisle at the grocery store, and most home pantries, but, unfortunately, the food storage world has been a little slow in adapting its offerings to meet the needs of a growing number of people. Legacy Premium is one of the only companies in the industry to offer such a wide variety of gluten-free food storage options. [...]

New FDA “No MSG” Guidelines

We received the following statement from Legacy Food Storage CEO Phil Cox, please let us know if there are any questions that we can answer for you! -
Per FDA, Legacy Removes ‘No MSG’ Labels from Popular Meals
With many consumers identifying themselves as sensitive to MSG, Legacy Food Storage makes every effort to keep this common additive out of its foods and will never use MSG as an ingredient. However, new standards from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now require [...]